Community Recap [August 8, 2022]

Joe Huber
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Welcome to a new week, Ascenders!

Here are some things you might have missed last week in the community!

Our first ever event is tomorrow, August 9th at 2:00 pm Eastern!

Join us for the Ascender Beta Celebration that's going to have some networking, conversations, and prizes! RSVP in the group and use the add to calendar link to have the event directly synced to your day.

The Deal Desk

We'll be introducing a deal desk megathread each week designed to create space for anyone that's looking for help on moving a deal from "In Progress" to "Closed - Won".

Favorite Part of Force Management?

Ascender, @Casey Dupuis, asked the question about what people love from Force Management's trainings. Share your opinions and check out what Casey and others had to say in the thread.

Have you introduced yourself, yet?

If not, head over to the introduction megathread. I've been sending personal messages to everyone, but want to hear from you if you think those welcome messages are better private or in that thread? Let us know in the comments!