Release Notes [Apr 6, 2023]

Julie M Leonard
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Check out the recently released features and improvements to the Ascender experience for subscribers and visitors.

Please let us know what you think about these features and improvements. We'd love to hear from you.

For all subscribers and visitors

We updated the Recent Discussions feed on the Explore page to show not only discussions but also questions you may be posting in the community. We've also made sure that posts that are recently updated show in this feed.

We made improvements for our administrators and support agents to support you better and faster. We brought key information from various systems that make up our platform together into dashboards that our agents can use to provide support more expeditiously.

We also applied some bug fixes, as well as stability and security upgrades.

For Team Plan Managers

Team Manager Assignments

Team plan owners (and managers) can now invite or shift roles of a team member to be a manager of the Ascender account. This gives you and your managers the same capabilities. You can do things like change managers, invite additional team managers and resend invitation emails. You can view your team members aligned to the manager in the Team Plan Management section. 

Team plan owners are still the only ones who can manage the subscription level and information. That includes the management of your payment information (via Paddle, our payment vendor) or upgrades to a larger team size.

Improved Team Management

  • You can now send account invitations directly from the Team Plan Management Section.
  • In that section, you can also track those invites and the signup status. This improvement also allows you to bulk upload managers and team managers.
  • We also provided you with the ability see an at-a-glance overview of your license use and to search for team members in the list.
  • Team members that are removed from the team will no longer show at the bottom of the list of team members.

For now, the team dashboard remains the same. But, we have several improvements planned including more granular reporting and the ability to download your dashboard data.  

Aligning Ascender with Your Goals

We've improved the goals section of Ascender to better align with team manager goals. There are now expanded options to add to your profile, as it relates to the value you're looking for from Ascender. We use this information to prioritize improvements. Please make sure yours are filled out.  

We encourage team owners and managers to check out the How-to Videos in the Teams and Team Managers FAQ Section.


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