Ascender Recap [September 21, 2022]

Joe Huber
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Here are some highlights from the past week in Ascender.

Ascender Spotlight on Luke Page

Luke Page is our September 2022 spotlight! Luke shares some great insights and tips for others in the sales game. Check out what he's got to share, say hey, and share some of your own tips!

We held our first ever Book Club

Check out the recap from our book club, which featured John Kaplan as our special guest! Be sure to join the group itself to catch our next event.

Keeping emotions in check

Emotions are a natural part of the sales process, but how can we best control those emotions and keep them in check? This article shares some of the best tips on how to keep your cool and close those deals.

What to do when your customer is pushing for a demo

Antonella O’Day goes through how you back the customer up so you can align better with the problem they’re trying to solve.

Curriculum to check out

The MEDDICC Essentials course is listed as our Curriculum of the Month, so be sure to enroll in the MEDDICC Essentials course and get started on your MEDDICC Certification! This course is a foundational part of the certification process and has lots of baseline information that's great even for seasoned sales professionals as a reminder.

Schedule time for a one on one with me.

I love meeting the community and I love doing that in one on one coffee chats. These are more relaxed and all tailored to your experience. Schedule time with me to let us know how things are going and how we can improve this experience. We're still very early into Ascender, so your feedback will go a long way!