Ascender Recap [September 7, 2022]

Joe Huber
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A little change to the weekly recaps! We will highlight all of Ascender, including content and curriculum. Here are some things you might have missed last week in Ascender.

Patrick McLoughlin joined us for an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

The AMA featuring Patrick McLoughlin was amazing! We had some great questions come through. Patrick is still around, so be sure to tag him if you want to ask him a question!

@Patrick McLoughlin has 25+ years of sales experience and is an expert on all things MEDDICC. Any insight you're seeking can be found at this fountain of knowledge!

RSVP to the September Book Club.

Join us on Wednesday, September 21, at 12 pm Eastern time for a live discussion around our book of the month! The September book of the month and our guest moderator will be announced one week before the event in the group itself. We hope you can join us!

What Airline Captains Teach Us About MEDDICC

This article from Rich McGhee sparked some great comments in the Explore tab. Be sure to check out the article and share your own insights!

Join the Founding Ascenders group.

For anyone that joins us in 2022, we'll be hosting special events and more in the Founding Ascenders group. You can request to join, but you will also receive an invitation, shortly.

September 2022's Curriculum of the Month.

Head of Learning, @Brady Locher, shared September's curriculum of the month. He chose the MEDDICC Essentials course. Let us know if you take the course and what you're learning along the way!

Schedule time for a one on one with me.

I love meeting the community and I love doing that in one on one coffee chats. These are more relaxed and all tailored to your experience. Schedule time with me to let us know how things are going and how we can improve this experience. We're still very early into Ascender, so your feedback will go a long way!