Intro - Frank Fleming - Customer Success team

Frank Fleming
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Hi everyone, looking forward to working with you on this. I was in sales for many years before moving to Customer Success in 2018. I arrived at Ivanti as a result of the Cherwell acquistion and I currently handle about a dozen customers, most of whom are large & complex including Cherwell customers interested in or migrating to Ivanti AND others such as large ELA customers with a number of solutions in use.


  • Joe Huber
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    Hi Frank! Thanks for being here! I'm really excited to learn with you! We'll be having some Customer Success centered content and events this year, as well! That's where my background is, too, so I'm here for it! Let me know if there's anything that you're looking for!

  • Rachel Clapp Miller
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    Welcome Frank, we have a lot of Ascender subscribers who sell to large/complex companies. If you have any specific questions as you move through your training (as it relates to your specific role), don't hesitate to reach out!