CSM Introduction

Felicia Barbera
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CSMs are trusted advisors who remediate risk and drive value, we facilitate customers making the most of their Ivanti investment, which makes it easier for our Account Teams to sell.

I'm looking forward to fully being considered a part of Sales Account Teams.

At present, CSM's are one of the most undervalued members of the sales team, which means the growth potential is high.

I'm here to:

Ensure that customers get the outcomes they purchased the product to do

Provide feedback so that our products evolve with their needs.

Ensure the entire Account Team is golden in the eyes of the customer

Identify opportunities and risks so that the account team is always on the same page

I've been in the SaaS industry for the last 7 years, previously at Oracle as a team lead for retention management and Win-Back Program. I've been involved in some version of Sales for at least 10 years. I am a Churn Killer, Sales Lover, Risk Mitigator, Customer Obsessed Ivantian and a Growth Driver.  I am looking forward to working together cross-functionally and winning together.