Where do you highlight Ascender on LinkedIN?

Janet Krenn
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Hi everyone - I joined Ascender about a month ago, and I would like to add my membership to my LinkedIN profile. Has anyone else done this? What section do you think is the best to highlight Ascender appropriately? Do you call ii Ascender or Ascender by Force Management or something else? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Joe Huber
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    Hi Janet! Here's something our team shared with me!

    Title: (Pro) Insider
    Employment Type: Keep blank
    Company: Please type in Ascender and select our option in the drop down
    Location: Input your current city and state
    Location Type: Keep blank
    “I am currently working in this role”: Please check this box
    Start Date: Insert date you joined Ascender
    End Date: Present
    “End Current Position as of now”: Do not check this box
    Industry: E-Learning Providers
    Description: Ascender’s online platform provides daily best practices, courses, certifications and community to help salespeople crush their quota and sell more, faster.