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I tried to take a course and was not able to launch any of them. Are they not live yet?




  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 163

    Hi @Jason Bosse!

    Thank you for letting me know. You should be able to sign up for all of the courses. I'll log this with @Julie Leonard and she might follow up with some questions.

    What is the behavior that you're seeing? Is it freezing? Not clicking through?

    Thanks for flagging this!

  • Julie M Leonard
    Julie M Leonard Member [Pro], Administrator, Moderator Posts: 9

    Hi @Jason Bosse

    Thank you for reporting the issue that you are not able to take this course. We are aware that some users are experiencing problems when they first load a course and are working on a resolution

    In the meantime, you should be able to refresh your browser and the course should load

    Please let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue. 

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