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Trevor Swaine
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Great conversation today for the live event with Tim! Would love to hear what has been working for seller's first touches via email or VM?

Has anyone been A/B testing their outreach? What words, strategies, metrics have you been using that convinced the buyer you've done your research and earned the right for that first call?


  • Ben Fleishman
    Ben Fleishman Member [Connect] Posts: 17

    Our go-to-market and outreach teams have been really focused on making sure we're calling on the right people. We've been doing some A/B testing on my team, too, to make sure that we're going wider within organizations, but I lead the solutions engineers, so we're not doing as much cold outreach.

  • David Chimenti
    David Chimenti Member [Pro] Posts: 42

    I’m building out an enterprise outreach/sales program right now.

    Right now I’ve been weaving storytelling into my emails to help out value proposition hit home with some articles from industry reputable sources that indicate the metrics I’m promoting are actually important.

    Running a few different sequences for different departments in the org. If there is one thing I’m doing differently than others it’s attacking the phone. A nice personalized introduction and value prop email is great but I’ve found it doesn’t have 10% of the effectiveness of me getting someone on the phone, listening to their situation, and influencing them for more time.

    Phone out reach early and often with some breaks and sequences that are just emails for the prospects’ sanity.