The New Bullpen


Welcome Beta users and friends, really excited to see where we can take this forum. Looking back on my career I had plenty of opportunities to participate in formal sales trainings. But what I really found was the most impactful learning was in the collaborative sales conversations that started in the early mornings or late evenings in the BULLPEN. Where all the sales people started their day or spent late afternoons and evenings completing proposals and pre-call planning for the following morning. The topics, went from competition, sales strategies, customer objections, and value propositions.

Well the Bullpen is gone, Covid!, virtual offices, work from home. So friends I see Ascender as more than a Bullpen but as you begin using Ascender please take this approach, I will take something away and I will give something back! It is the New BULLPEN, our ability to collaborate, educate, share learnings. Remember if you are green you are growing if you are ripe you rot! #Bullpen. All the best to everyone! Paddy Mac


  • Tim Caito
    Tim Caito Guest Posts: 10

    Wow, those were the days Paddy Mac! We didn't know then that the Bullpen was in fact a community! Huge insights, tribal lore, lifelong networks, friendships... and therapy buddies were generated in those Bullpens for sure.

    But we didn't have social media or the ability to extend our access beyond our own team's Bullpen. I share your excitement for this professional selling community... it's Next Level!

  • Morgan Daniels
    Morgan Daniels Guest Posts: 6

    "If you are green you are growing, if you are ripe you rot!" --- Love that Paddy Mac! A great tone to set for this space ... asking questions is encouraged, sharing stories, learning from each other and ultimately all getting better.

    Pumped to be part of this community and all the knowledge here!

  • Patrick McLoughlin

    Morgan Daniels so good to see you on the site and impacting lives! You are so good at what you do!