Release Notes [June / July 2023]

Julie M Leonard
Julie M Leonard Member [Pro], Administrator, Moderator Posts: 9

Here's a rundown of the most recently released features and improvements to the Ascender experience for subscribers and visitors.

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For all subscribers and visitors

We've made changes to support upcoming subscriber renewals and expirations: Subscribers who have been with us for close to a year, will start seeing prompts to review payment information and be provided with in-app and email notifications regarding timing and how to manage their renewal options. Within your 30-day renewal period you can now renew to a different subscription plan or apply a coupon if one was provided.

As of July 21, our Pro and Team plan subscribers will notice that we've refreshed many of our Enroll courses and added new courses as well. We also changed the experience of how our subscribers take courses. We will roll out additional improvements to that experience very soon. Please refer to this Explore post for more information and a short video illustrating this version of the new course player.

We upgraded our LinkedIn share experience to make our posts look nicer when you post on LinkedIn.

We resolved an issue reported by visitors who wanted to sign up using Google or LinkedIn and many small fixes and improvements.


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