Buying Licenses for Others (Buy on Behalf of)

Kayla Ohe
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Whether you're a subscriber or someone who thinks Ascender would be a great career accelerator for a friend or colleague, you can now purchase one or more 1-year Ascender plans for someone else.

Connect, Pro or Team plans can be purchased from the Ascender sign up screen by selecting the green button of the plan you want to gift and then choosing the "For Others" option that will allow you enter the quantity of plans to purchase.

You can invite the recipients of the purchased plans by email from the new Billing and Purchases page where you will be taken after the purchase; directly, if you're a subscriber, and after email verification if you're not a subscriber yet.

If you're not already a subscriber and purchased more than one plan, you can claim one for yourself at any time. Keep in mind, that all purchased plans will start on the day they were purchased and expire one year later. Meaning, if you wait to invite recipients or if they delay accepting your invitation, they will lose out on time they could benefit from Ascender. If someone is not ready to accept your invitation, you can revoke the invitation (until it's accepted) and invite someone else or claim it for yourself.

You can make additional purchases for yourself or others at any time.

Please note that plans you purchased this way (and possibly claimed for yourself) will not renew automatically. The recipient will be responsible for any future renewals or upgrades to a different plan.

For plan upgrades, the recipient will be credited for the value of the "gifted" plan for the remainder of the initial term and will be charged for the difference. Our support team will facilitate these upgrades until the self-serve upgrade feature is implemented in an upcoming release.

This would be a great gift for a recent graduate, someone you know who is starting out in sales, or is struggling with sales concepts and execution.

Here is a video showing how to use the buy on behalf of feature:

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