Release Notes [Jan 19, 2023]

Julie M Leonard
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Check out the recently released features and improvements to the Ascender experience for subscribers and visitors.

Please let us know what you think about these features and improvements. We'd love to hear from you.

For all subscribers and visitors

New Certifications are coming soon! Once they are available, the Enroll page catalog will show a single tile per certification instead of the carousel showing the courses within the certification. You can still see all the courses that are part of a certification by clicking on the certification tile header or on the "View Courses" link.

We also made it easier for you to identify courses that are new by showing a bright purple label on the course tiles. In the future, you'll also be able to search for those labels.

For all subscribers

We are working on enhancements that will allow you to personalize your view of the Explore feed and the Enroll catalog. You will see a reminder to enter additional profile information on your profile page and on the Explore and Enroll page (until you close the reminder). 

For Pro Plan and Team Plan subscribers and members

You will now experience a smoother navigation experience when working your way through completing a certification.  

For Team Plan managers

You can now check on your team's course and certification progress when you access the Team Dashboard from your profile picture at the top right of the Ascender window. 

You can now resend personalized email verification emails to team members from your Account Settings page. This applies to invited team members who accepted your invitation link but haven't verified their email address. They show in a "waiting" status and may not have received or found their verification email, or it may have expired (it's only good for 7 days). You previously would have had to ask for our help.


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