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Paul Buote
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It appears the only way to take the MEDDICC final assessment is to go through each course - over 5 hours. For a seller, our most important asset is our time. For an experienced seller, it would be helpful to have a pre-assessment or to enable performing the final assessment.


  • Brady Locher Jr
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    Hi @Paul Buote,

    Thank you for joining the Ascender Community!

    I’d like to share some background on our thinking regarding the MEDDICC Certification program. Force Management, Ascender’s parent company, has developed a highly evolved approach and delivery of MEDDICC training for their enterprise clients. The Ascender MEDDICC Certification program has captured the essence of this approach. In order to maintain the credibility of our certification, we feel it is important that our candidates go through our version of MEDDICC in preparation for the certification assessment.

    We certainly respect the value of your time and believe your investment in the coursework will be rewarded not only in the certificate you seek but in the mastery of the MEDDICC methodology you will acquire. This coursework will also provide you with access to a wide range of proprietary MEDDICC related resources and tools.

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