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Francesco Mometto
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One of my goals is to engage other departments (Marketing, Finance, Operations) in order to drive new use-cases based on critical business issues where we can sell on value rather than price.

My tendency to get to the decision makers of other departments would be to ask the current champions (technical team) to get an introduction.

The challenge here is to get to know about business pains instead of technical pains to drive the right use-cases for other departments. Would you recommend any other/better roots to engage key stakeholders in other departments?

Any other thoughts & ideas would be very much appreciated.




  • Joe Huber
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    Thank you for the question, @Francesco Mometto! I'll make sure that we get you some answers here, but we'll also be sharing this on our Ascender Live Deal Desk! I've sent you a DM asking if you'd like your name withheld. If I don't hear back, I'll make sure to share this one anonymously.

  • Paul DeMore
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    Hi Francesco - Saw your questions - Here are my thoughts - Hope it is helpful!

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    @Francesco Mometto good question hear. Getting to multiple departments is, as Paul referenced, a necessity in todays sales environment. Each department and decision maker has different pains/priorities however, normally they are all in some way connected to the broader organizational goals and objectives. If you can utilize your current champions to understand the companies 'big goals' you can engage various groups with intention on how their org/team is expected to contribute to these overall objectives and what challenges they are facing. You can then tie your product or solution to the biggest problem organizationally which will cause each department to benefit. I would agree with Paul, outside of asking for introductions, engage directly with various departmental leaders by explaining what you heard from the groups you have already engaged with.

  • Francesco Mometto
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    Thank you - very helpful!

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