Open callouts for questions on next week's Ascender Live

Kathleen Schindler
Kathleen Schindler Member [Team 15], Managers Posts: 29

Patrick McLoughlin is leading us in a live session next week on Friday, November 4. If you have any questions you want to ask Patrick about a deal, feel free to share them here in the comments. You can also DM Joe Huber for any questions you want to ask anonymously. I know he's gotten a few already!

There's also a worksheet in the MEDDICC Essentials course that allows you to work an existing deal. If you send the sheet to Joe Huber (, he'll have Patrick work on one of your real deals, live! The worksheet is called the "Deal Qualification Template".

Just a note that we won't be mentioning any customer or deal names on the session, so while we might shout you out, we won't be naming anything else related to the deal.

The session will be recorded and shared in the community, so let us know if you've got something you want an additional set of eyes on!

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  • Robert Smart
    Robert Smart Guest Posts: 10


    When a prospect doesn't have a clearly identified decision criteria, I'd love to know how to create one without just pushing my agenda.

    When I look back on the deals I won, it feels a lot like that's what I did; but it's not very collaborative and I'm missing the opportunity most of the time.

  • Joe Huber
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    Thanks for this, @Robert Smart! I'll make sure we get this answered on the live!