What's one thing you do in sales that's different from everyone else?

Kathleen Schindler
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Basically the title. What is something that you think is a truly unique piece of your sales game that could help others level up?


  • Robert Smart
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    I'm certainly not the only one, but I subscribe to the general belief that people can spot obvious, yes-oriented questions and they feel uncomfortable with it.

    And it seems super obvious but I still see/hear it a million times a day.

    'Wouldn't you agree that if we could save you 3x more than your current provider, it would make sense to switch?' seems logical, but the prospect feels backed into a corner.

    There are more reasons for a prospect to say no than to say yes, so go for these first.

    Firstly, it feels far more like it's their choice.

    Secondly, it allows you to uncover red flags or risks in a conversive way.

    'Looks like we can save you 3x more than your current provider, but you're probably going to tell me it's not as simple as that. What are some of the things that make you feel uncertain about switching?'

    Tonality and word choice is key. It has to be a genuine question that invites conversation, rather than looking for confirmation that there aren't any concerns.

    If they run out of nos, then you know you've got a real opportunity.

    Sources include Sandler, Josh Braun, Slingshot Edge, Chris Voss etc...

  • Rachel Clapp Miller
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    @Robert Smart I love that question example and the idea of not using cliche-like sales questions. That's a great example. Did you catch @Brian Walsh's video we posted this week on tough questions? I like his idea of getting tough things "on the table". https://my.ascender.co/Ascender/Explore?post=asking-tough-questions-in-your-sales-conversations

  • Joe Huber
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    @Robert Smart This line stuck out to me the most: "Secondly, it allows you to uncover red flags or risks in a conversive way."

    Uncovering red flags is just as important as finding out what will help you win the deal. You can't build a case without knowing all of the facts. Big fan of this!