Who is your go-to for an extra set of eyes?

Rachel Clapp Miller
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In today's content, we share the best practice of having someone else take a look at your sales process when things might not be closing as quickly as you'd like. Communications, phrasing, and other hiccups might be costing you time, if not deals!

So who do you go to when you're looking for this kind of help? Your manager? Other team members? How are you getting the help you want?

P.S. If you're not sure where to turn, be sure to also ask here, in the Ascender Community! We're all here to close and win more, together!


  • Adam Bowen
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    Never lose alone.

    When I was an IC, I would get my first line and second line involved. All ICs usually have a clique of other ICs they collab with. I made sure that my "extra eyes" clique consisted of other high-performers.

    I continued this same pattern as I went into leadership. But, it also expanded to external mentors and peer relationships (consisting of former work colleagues) that I had established over time.

    Now, as the sales leader for my company, building from the ground up, I rely almost exclusively on the external network. These relationships forged early on in my career continue to serve me as those same people are also now successful sales leaders in their companies.

    The relationships are strong not because we always won. They were strong because we won a lot, and put in the work to learn from our losses to do so.

  • Rachel Clapp Miller
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    Such a great point @Adam Bowen . Love that concept of "Never Lose Alone" - pulling in other people who are high-performers is definitely a best practice. We always say you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help - it's okay to not know the answer, it's not okay to not ask the question. Learning from the losses makes the wins that much better.

  • John Kaplan
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    Love this thread @Adam Bowen and @Rachel Clapp Miller! There is an old saying, “Every won deal has a thousand parents; every lost deal is an orphan”. We all hope to have great coaches and managers. If not, you must try to keep the excuse department closed. I love Adam’s comments about looking to mentors. I remember being a young seller and being very mindful of watching the best performers around me. What are they doing, how are they acting, what are they saying? How do you approach? Everybody loves to give advice! Some of my best mentor relationships have begun with me just asking for advice. One caveat, if you are going to ask for advice, make sure you use it. Nothing worse for a mentor then spending the time to give advice and the person doesn’t use it!