The 4-Day Work Week Debate

Jim Pouliopoulos
Jim Pouliopoulos Member [Plus] Posts: 2

This blog covers the idea of a 4-day work week and takes us on a thought-provoking dive into a workplace trend that promises increases in productivity and employee well-being. The pandemic and the past few years have brought many new shifts in attitudes about the integration between work-life and home-life. It’s important for leaders at all levels to consider new ways of structuring the work week to accommodate these shifts while also increasing the effectiveness of their teams.

Evaluating these trends to ensure that our teams thrive in this ever-evolving work landscape remains a challenge. What are your thoughts on implementing a 4-day work week? Has your company made this shift yet? If not, would you want them to? And if so, what have been the pros/cons you’ve noticed to date?

Would love to hear from some of you on this, especially because sales is so often about numbers and timing!