Customer Success is the key driver of Net Revenue Retention (NRR) in 2024


A must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead as more boards become focused on customer success’ critical nature. This article brilliantly captures the evolving landscape of customer success. Emphasizing proactive engagement, hyper-personalization, and AI-driven insights, it paints a vivid picture of how businesses are organizing to create and capture customer value.

What are you doing, and planning to do, differently in 2024?


  • Ben Fleishman
    Ben Fleishman Member [Connect] Posts: 21

    Another big thing I'm seeing is in cross-team engagement and involvement. CS can't just rely on one team, so more people are involved in that journey. Hyper-personalization is really big, right now, too. Great article! I agree with it that your brand is going to be impacted by it heavily, as well.

  • Russell Scherwin
    Russell Scherwin Member [Plus] Posts: 5

    Strongly agree, Ben. Thanks for the engagement.

    The best sellers orchestrate the organization in serving customer goals, pre-sales.

    The best CS reps orchestrate the organization in serving customer goals, post-sales.

    When capabilities delivered are aligned to a customer's positive business outcomes, and metrics are in place to show how those capabilities are driving the PBO's, NRR tends to grow!