Unlocking Sales Success: The Art of Solving Business Challenges Through Strategic Questioning

Paul DeMore
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As a successful seller, understanding that the key to effective sales is solving a significant business issue for your potential customer. This blog post reaffirms this notion, highlighting the importance of pinpointing a major business challenge to create urgency and secure funding in deals. John Kaplan's timeless advice that this method is “as old as Egypt" strongly resonates with me. It's a core principle that has driven my success: focusing on value rather than product features.

The blog also stresses the significance of utilizing discovery and trap-setting questions to establish a foundation for sales conversations centered on value. I have personally witnessed how impactful discovery can be in sealing a deal. Through asking open-ended questions that prompt prospects to articulate their challenges, I've been able to instill a sense of urgency and guide them towards realizing the need for a solution—my solution. This strategy not only helps in building momentum but also positions me as a reliable advisor, a role crucial in developing successful customer relationships.

This blog post acts as a valuable reminder of the impact of strategic questioning in sales and reinforces my dedication to honing my own discovery skills to continue closing more deals.


  • Ben Fleishman
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    I know a huge thing, especially for technical sellers like I manage, is getting your team to not think of just the product and features first. It can be really easy to just sit and focus on showing the bells and whistles, but it's when we pause and start asking questions to find pains that things really take off. This is a great blog, too. I think I went into two or three other ones after, haha. Good stuff!