April 5, 2024 - Ascender Insights - Moving Into the Sales Manager Role [Event Recap]

Joe Huber
Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 242

Doug Gilkey and Sean Nappo joined us to talk about what it takes to move into the sales management role and how to do it. They shared some tips for first-time managers, as well.

Sean and Doug are two amazing leaders from great organizations. They sat down with us to talk about how individual contributors can break into management and knowing when that's right for them. One of the best things they discussed was how clear you have to know that it's the right path for you. It isn't just about being the best salesperson (though they definitely mention that you need to be hitting your numbers!), but also about your passion to help others grow.

If you're looking to break into management, be sure to check out the recording below. This was a big conversation with lots of rich content!

Some key points from the talk:

  • TIps for those looking to move into the sales manager role
    • Earn the right to ask
    • Begin conversations with your management team
    • Find ways to share how you're passionate about this team and its growth
    • Knowing if you should move up or move on
  • Advice for first-time managers
    • Best practices and lessons learned
    • Misconceptions of the role
    • Mistakes a lot of first-time managers make
    • Traits of great leaders

Check out the recording below and be sure to check out future events as we share them!