Congratulations to our latest group of MEDDICC Certified Ascenders!

Joe Huber
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Shout out to the following crew that have earned their certifications!

You'll be awarded your badge and be invited to the Ascender Community Group, as well.

The MEDDICC Certified Ascenders group will have a very special event this year that ONLY those who have earned their MEDDICC Certifications will be invited to. You won't want to miss that one, so be sure to accept your invite to the group!

@Benjamin Mitchell

@Shane McMillan

@Monty King

@Christopher Bowen

@Baptiste Gimbres

@Calvin Ruth

@Park Gamble

@Riccardo Luccioli

@Jim Farkas

@Liz Wilson

@George Goncalves

@Mike Lantzy

@John Armato

@Claire Tesson

@Alvaro Rodriguez

@Elsa Deffay

@Marco Muscarà

@James Goldenberg

@Lukas Lazar

@Thomas Douchy

@Martin Muß

@Federico Giambarba

@Baptiste LANNIC

@Sandra Navas Martin

@Geertje Zeegers

@Felix Verges

@Jonathan Wilkins

@Claudia Greiner

@Robert Zankl

@Hilary Crosby

@Lydia Baum

@Lauren Rorie

@Joris Wielders

@Ana Mencías

@Eva Areces

@Munkhsaikhan Dashtamir

@Margaux Lohest

@Daniel Składanowski

@Pierre-Yves PARFAIT

@Jérémie Boisseau

@Chris Silver ☁