Traits of Elite Sellers

Tom Peterson
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Hello Ascenders!

Our recent article, Five Traits of an Elite Seller, generated some interesting discussion on LinkedIn; hoping to extend the conversation here.

Which ones resonate the most for you? How did you acquire the traits you didn't already possess?

If you were to add a 6th trait that translates to top-tier sales execution, what would it be?


  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 238

    The best sellers I've ever seen all share one trait: Listening comprehension skills.

    It's one thing to ask questions and hear answers. It's another thing, altogether, to hear those answers and apply them to actual use cases that are relevant and impactful.

  • Ben Fleishman
    Ben Fleishman Member [Connect] Posts: 17

    I think it's curiosity and it has to be genuine. Wanting to know how things work and how to better dig into their business.

  • Stu Hanebuth
    Stu Hanebuth Member [Plus] Posts: 1

    "Supercommunication" is a trait that the best sellers have!

    I just ran across the book Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection, by Charles Duhigg. While reading the book it became obvious that people who have learned the concepts in this book are the best sellers and negotiators that I have ever worked with. It is a great read, but I expect it will be difficult to master.