Customer Success and Sales Teams

Felicia Barbera
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Customer Success Managers have improving NRR via up-sell/cross-sell as a responsibility and key performance metric. I'm eager to work collaboratively with Sales Teams to achieve these goals and excited for the empowerment this training will bring. I've been in the SaaS industry for the last 7 years - previously at Oracle, and I've been involved in some version of Sales for at least 10 years. I am a Churn Killer, Sales Lover, Risk Mitigator, Customer Obsessed Ivantian and a Growth Driver. Let's work together and win together.


  • Joe Huber
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    Hi Felicia and thanks for sharing! My background is more in the CS/CX world, too! I did sales for a short time, but found success as a CSM and in Community/Customer marketing. Looking forward to hearing more from you and to learn about the trends you're seeing!

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