Monday Motivation from Kap

John Kaplan
John Kaplan Member [Pro], Member [Plus] Posts: 21

The more you TELL me I have a problem, the more I will resist you. But the more you ASK me great discovery questions that make me stand in my moment of pain, the more I will convince myself that I have a problem that needs to be fixed. Make people participate in their own rescue. Remember people rarely argue with their own conclusions! Have a great week, everyone!


  • Sean Donohue
    Sean Donohue Member [Plus] Posts: 1

    "Make people participate in their own rescue" - Great quote and something i will remember moving forward. Look forward to the training over the next few weeks!

  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 242

    @Sean Donohue Thanks for sharing, Sean! Any time we can get people thinking they're the ones that make the decision, it makes life a whole lot easier!