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Larissa Duzhansky
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A lead I've been chasing for a number of months (and who has been ghosting me) responded to my latest outreach which is an invitation to stop by our booth at a tradeshow. Interestingly enough, he responded to this outreach right away but ghosted me for two months about scheduling demos. Any thoughts about why he would do that? Also, what are some tips for how to behave if he does stop by our booth? Best practices for building rapport?

Thank you in advance!


  • James Reach (Demo Lead)
    James Reach (Demo Lead) Member [Team 10] Posts: 1

    People get busy, other priorities demand more attention, lots of different reasons. Ghosting will happen all the time in sales - never take it personally. Good on your for being consistent in your follow up and getting him to re-engage.

    Meeting someone in person is a great way to start building the relationship. A safe place to start would be asking him what he's thought of the tradeshow so far and any key takeaways he's learned so far. You can transition from there into a business conversation about what's top of mind for 2024.

  • Patrick McLoughlin

    Larisa thanks for the question. I put myself in your customer's shoes. I want to attend the tradeshow to see technologies, services and solutions that pertain to my company and industry. I am probably attending to learn, or I may be looking for something to solve a problem I have identified. When I stop by your booth tell me what business problems you solve for other customers, or where you have "moved the goal posts" and done great things for other customers. I would love to hear about business outcomes, metrics and proof. Educate me! Once you have educated me and compelled me to think about the impact in my company, I will then attend a demo! Best of Luck, Paddy Mac

  • Peter Hase
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    Hi Laura,

    Firstly, I think you are very astute to recognise the ghosting and to dig deeper into why - nice work!

    The previous replies are really on point but could you also consider whom else in a similar business or sector you have helped? This is a refinement on Paddy Ma's reply and relates to his comments, but if you can share what value you created for a similar industry pain point, the ghosting leads into the education I often find and you become highly interesting.

    Good luck and keep going!