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George Haywood
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What are you guys finding is working best for pipe gen at the moment.

I always prefer phone, but for some prospects I dont have details so relying on email/LinkedIn.

Just keen to hear how you guys are going about things in terms of sequences, touch points, general messagings thats landing etc.



  • Paul DeMore
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    Hi George -

    TY for the question and sharing your preference. Seeing that you are an Enterprise Acct Exec. the targets you are aiming for getting them to answer a cell / office phone seems difficult or even impossible. The way I address that is by:

    1. Finding a joint connection that can provide a warm introduction
    2. Connecting on LinkedIn with a specific note to the person that can help them expand their reach, learn something new in the marketplace, provide a point of view on thier post, etc. I do NOT lead with my name, company and asking for an appointment.
    3. Follow the company on LinkedIn, learn from other posts, add comments and see if someone can make the connection for you.

    The messaging is about the BUYER, their challenges, and industry best practices. You will have time to talk about your product and company if you do items 1-3 on a consistent bases.

    Good luck and keep moving forward!

    Paul DeMore

  • Rachel Clapp Miller
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  • George Haywood
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    Thanks Rachel :)

  • Adam Kenny
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    Hi George

    Some good points above by Paul & Rachel

    To add somehting different here:

    I often think Sales people overlook the challenege that they solve for and how they can help to solve that challenge (pain) so, try to find something relevant to their persona, it could be something they've shared on LinkedIn (their personal or company page) or on their company website, or a challenge you hear in the market based on your ICP.

    Having a reason for them to talk to you that's relevant to them is most important, otherwise you are just another sales person looking for "a meeting" which they likely get a lot of!

    Try providing a link between the challenge they face and how you and/or your product/service can help solve that issue. You could try using a case study, a customer success story or even a simple verbal example, and use a CTA based around how you think you can help them based on that experience.

    In the podcast, Paul also mentions multi-threading and hit the nail on the head when he said that no one person can say no, so find multiple people in your prospects org (should be able to find if you work Enterprise accounts)

    We all use phone, email & LI, have you tried using Video and/or Voice notes? (LI allows you to send voice notes and once a connection, you can send a video too) but there's also seperate video tools you can embed into your emails which really helps to not only differentiate, but, create a more personalised 1:1 experience that gets attention but also has a really human element that also allows you to share the trigger that you saw, or you can share your screen, point to a case study, reference, your website, theirs, etc, etc)

    Re: Sequences, in my experience a mix of all touch points is necessary as everyone's preference is different, so find them where they are.

    Hope that helps give some ideas and good luck in Q4 closing!