What can I do if a prospects says “I now someone that has a better product”

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    you can always try a mirror to get them to elaborate by repeating the last few words in an upward inflection posed as a question, in this case it would be “better product?”

    The point is that it will naturally get them to elaborate on why they think that product is better based on the ways human beings are used to communicating. If you can get that coke, use whatever technique you like.

    Once they tell you why they think it’s better, you have insight into that persons decision criteria and potentially even solution requirements.

    If you build a strong enough relationship with the person, you may even be able to use questions from the MEDDICC course to determine where they sit within the sphere of influence, if they own any part of the decision, metrics, decision process, identify current pain, learn your competition’s potential advantage, and maybe even start to build a champion. It’s nearly the whole MEDDICC process from one conversation if you remain inquisitive and are trained on your product.

    You can potentially even gain insight into the required positive business outcomes if you can get them to describe their desired future state, if the conversation takes a turn towards when they are making decisions or assessing.

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    I edited this like 4 times and it is supposed to say “outcome” in the last sentence of the second paragraph