In a 6-month sales cycle, where do you feel like you need to be to close by EOY

David Chimenti
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In a 6-month sales cycle, how far into the sales process do you feel you need to be currently for the opportunity to close by EOY?


  • John Kaplan
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    As you know, there is no "one sales process" so it is a bit hard to give feedback on timing. Sales processes should have standard metrics which tell us the "average time expected" in each stage. From a forecasting perspective each stage should have some kind of metrics with closing probability.

    I am sure you know all this so let me just say that here are some things to consider:

    When you apply MEDDICC to the opportunity where do you stand?

    When you look specifically at Decision Process, can you map out a reverse timeline that works from where you are today with your Champion? (Understanding exactly what the holidays will do to timing)

    Is the pain (I) so big that they can not afford to wait and therefore creates urgency?

  • David Chimenti
    David Chimenti Member [Pro] Posts: 42

    John - thank you so much for your input. Please do not assume that I will know everything. I know what I know and learned it from people smarter than me. I come here for advice from people that have learned from you and get lucky enough to get some directly from you so thank you for taking the time to answer.

    I do understand that every process is different. I am more trying to discern that in a MEDDICC process with say 6 people we’ve seen on calls (we’ll call 5 decision team and one a respected user with EB as part of decision team) how many do you think you ALREADY need to be attached to their initiatives to close by EOY. Also, if I haven’t accessed the EB yet, is it too late or is there still time on a 6 month sales cycle?

    I think the time people spent this last month, this week, and the first two weeks of December are among the most important for your quota for the year. That means spending time with the right prospect accounts so I am more trying to gauge that is all.