How are you assessing fit when taking opportunities

David Chimenti
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I am currently seeking a new role.

I have consistently been a top producer at whatever sales function is asked of me.

I’ve had a lot of great training but still try to humble myself and learn at each opportunity. If I know something will work when what we are doing hasn’t , I start using my training and it causes friction with management frequently and has happened at 2 places I can think of. This doesn’t even include the consulting jobs I’ve done. Sometimes managers need wins.

I’m also a somewhat high strung person in the area of winning which, I think, makes people feel like I’m slightly abrasive when really I just want to win and for everyone to jive. If I’m growing this also satiates that need for me because I can see the wins coming.

I don’t want to end up in that spot again so I’m considering a switch to ops or just never working for a corporation again. It feels like a shame to invest 9+ years and tons of effort into sales training and just walk away from it though.

Can anyone from the community give me some tips on how they are assessing fit during the interview process so I can make sure my next move is long term?


  • Patty Arcano
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    Always be yourself! Do not compromise or hide who you really are…it's too exhausting. If you are a sales leader, people will naturally follow you so they too can share the same success. Often management and mission changes after you join an organization. That is ok and should be expected in todays corporate climate. Go with the flow and do the best you can to support the pivot.