Objection Handling

Devon Pratte
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What’s the best rebuttal for “ we heard about your company and we aren’t impressed. Our friend said she used you and she wasn’t happy with the process but she enjoys the process.”


  • Emily Erickson
    Emily Erickson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    I think the best way to go about this is to find out more about what the person didn't like and ask questions to the prospect about what you can do to correct that and get their business.

  • John Kaplan
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    Devon, that is a tough one.

    I like where Emily is going with her feedback. I think it is always best to be open and honest and handle the objection directly. If you know who they are speaking about and what they are referencing you should not shy away from commenting.

    I have had the experience when somebody inside the same company had a challenge with my company. When it was brought up to me, I was lucky enough that the customer told me who they were referencing. I did NOT know that they had an issue so I asked for time to get a better understanding the and right to come back and address it. I first made sure that the customer was ok with me sharing how I came to know about the issue. In this case, it worked. If the customer is unwilling to share the details with you, do your best to address what they know or how the feedback affected them.

    Always return back to the decision criteria that you are establishing with your customer. Turn the feedback into a positive expectation that works its way to the final decision criteria. This way you can address it formally and it proves that you listened to them.

  • David Chimenti
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    I agree with everything said above, the only thing I would add what John said about any objection the other day which is to have an attitude of gratitude for the info you obtained. Now you know it’s a problem and they’ve considered allocating budget for it. You may even know what went wrong if your company has strong alignment from top to bottom