Has ChatGPT removed a vital tool from DM toolboxes

David Chimenti
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It seems like more and more newer salespeople are trying to use ChatGPT for writing emails I haven’t seen great results.

I think it’s because with these early adopter salespeople all their emails are in the same robotic voice or tone, and if you’re good can you can tweak it and make it work, but I haven’t too many that thought broke the barrier into “good”

Decision Makers,I think, have historically relied on filtering out bad decisions by bad prospecting. They give companies a chance that catch their eye

So the poll question is, has overuse of AI muddied the waters for decision makers in filtering out good salespeople and what they may consider good organizations to send down the chain for examination

Or, don’t vote and just leave your experience

Has ChatGPT removed a vital tool from DM toolboxes 6 votes

Yes - This has definitely made it more difficult for decision makers to decide who to investigate
16% 1 vote
No - The computer knows better than a person of how to give a personalized experience
0% 0 votes
It depends on the people, systems, and training to make sure individual customers are handled properly beyond, say, a chat bot
83% 5 votes


  • Bill Lapcevic
    Bill Lapcevic Member [Custom Team] Posts: 1

    I definitely see a place for ChatGPT in terms of speeding and structuring responses and outbound emails. However, and it’s a big however, I would never rely on ChatGPT to do the work of researching, editing, and tone of voice. It’s not that hard to quickly realize when someone has used ChatGPT once you get a bit farther with them.

    Communications must be genuine to be effective - well written - and provide value. ChatGPT for what it’s worth is great at helping you create the first draft - but you better be good at editing and improving on that draft before you send.

  • Ben Fleishman
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    AI is a tool that can help, but I don't think we're going to see people go away any time soon. I don't use it often, and when I do I heavily edit it.

    @Bill Lapcevic said it above (and I think the AI webinar talked about it, too), but the use of AI in research is really the best thing I've used it for.