Has ChatGPT removed a vital tool from DM toolboxes

David Chimenti
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It seems like more and more newer salespeople are trying to use ChatGPT for writing emails I haven’t seen great results.

I think it’s because with these early adopter salespeople all their emails are in the same robotic voice or tone, and if you’re good can you can tweak it and make it work, but I haven’t too many that thought broke the barrier into “good”

Decision Makers,I think, have historically relied on filtering out bad decisions by bad prospecting. They give companies a chance that catch their eye

So the poll question is, has overuse of AI muddied the waters for decision makers in filtering out good salespeople and what they may consider good organizations to send down the chain for examination

Or, don’t vote and just leave your experience

Has ChatGPT removed a vital tool from DM toolboxes 1 vote

Yes - This has definitely made it more difficult for decision makers to decide who to investigate
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No - The computer knows better than a person of how to give a personalized experience
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It depends on the people, systems, and training to make sure individual customers are handled properly beyond, say, a chat bot
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