What is the best answer to the objection " we can't afford this right now"?

Hunter Edson
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  • John Kaplan
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    Hunter, this is an age-old question.

    The best answer to that objection is, "You can't afford not to do this right now". Obviously, we need to put ourselves in the position to earn the right to say that. In the customer's mind, the pain is not bigger than the price. We have to ask ourselves, "So what if they do not do this now, what bad things will happen to them?''. When we are in discovery the goal is to identify pain and connect that pain to business impact. There needs to be negative consequences for not solving the pain. A simple little framework we can use in discovery is to make sure we can answer these 3 powerful questions.

    1. Why buy anything?
    2. Why buy now?
    3. Why buy from me?

    When we can answer these questions, we can handle this objection. It is important to remember that the answers have to come from the customer and in the customer's words. Only way to do this is to ask great discovery questions (go to the search tab and type in "Discovery" you will see some great content)

  • Timmy Cotton
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    A potential response to the objection "We can't afford this right now" could be: "I understand the importance of managing costs. Let's explore flexible payment options or discuss how our solution can provide a good return on investment over time, ensuring it aligns with your budget."