Gaining Commitments

Devon Pratte
Devon Pratte Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

Since we need to earn the right to continue the conversation, what are some of the safe questions that help establish ourselves as salesmen that we deserve to be in this conversation?


  • Landon Ellis
    Landon Ellis Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    asking prospective clients about their pain points and how they currently address these issues is an excellent start to building rapport with possible clients. You earn the right to continue conversations this way by highlighting your commitment to solving clients' issues instead of forcing your product/service on to them without hearing their specific problems and needs.

  • Elijah Friend
    Elijah Friend Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

    A great way to establish yourself as a qualified salesmen that is prepared to provide value to your prospect is to demonstrate knowledge of the prospect and who your company can aid them in their specific business situation.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    Here are three safe questions to ask to establish a conversation as a salesman, while gaining commitments

    1. "Can you tell me more about your current challenges or pain points in this area?"
    2. "What specific goals or outcomes are you looking to achieve with a product/service like ours?"
    3. "How does your current solution meet your needs, and what do you think could be improved?"

  • Will Kasemeyer
    Will Kasemeyer Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

    There are 5 different types of commitment you need to know: Commitment to Time, Engage, Collaborate, Provide Access, and Next Steps. All of these are intertwined and ensure the buyer stays engaged with the seller. The absolute best way to ensure your buyer stays engaged is to answer every question they ask confidently. No one wants to listen to someone who doesn't sound confident. Do your research beforehand so you are able to confidently answer any questions or concerns that are thrown at you.