What could I do if lose the commitment at the end of the conversation?

Jorge Zepeda
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  • John Kaplan
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    Jorge, good question!

    The best conversations are always summarized. When you can provide a summary of what was discussed (in the customers words), this usually leads to a good outcome. There is a great saying, “People rarely argue with their own conclusions”. Our goal as sellers is to be prepared with good discovery questions which allow us to uncover things like business outcomes (impacts), required capabilities/decision criteria, measurements for success etc. In fact when we get this information, we have best chance of progressing our sales cycle. Here is an excellent Ascender Article about Discovery for you to review: https://my.ascender.co/Ascender/Explore?post=sales-discovery-meeting-follow-up&referrer=773744af-7e67-4fd0-9616-647df1ebe453

    “How to Summarize a Great Sales Discovery Meeting”

    A personal favorite of mine is to ask the customer, “What did you like most about our conversation?” and “Is there anything that is causing you pause?”. This is a great way to qualify your conversation. Go crush it!