Leveraging Multiple Offers to Build Partnerships

David Chimenti
David Chimenti Member [Pro] Posts: 42

I am working a deal with more than 5 locations currently.

Based on their previous experience with other providers and some tech challenges they face due to location, we would be a huge advantage to them.

We can try to win the deal on $ value, but that seems like small potatoes for us on the value side and doesn't send the message to the prospect that we will be any better than the service level problems they've had from a larger and non-industry specific provider, more recently.

I think a 3-offer approach, one at fair market for a fair deal, but two separate offers with discounts to get them closer to what they currently spend with contingencies and service level agreements for a case study or partnership has way more value for our company.

Looking for experience or things to trade in a scenario like this from others who have been there