What is the key difference between features and benefits in a product or service presentation?

Jorge Zepeda
Jorge Zepeda Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11


  • David Chimenti
    David Chimenti Member [Pro] Posts: 42

    a feature is what a product specifically does and the benefit is the positive outcome (high level initiative) the company is aiming to achieve because the product is able to execute x because of feature y

  • Hunter Edson
    Hunter Edson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    The features are what the product does and a benefit is why the product is useful.

  • Timmy Cotton
    Timmy Cotton Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    Features are what a product can be used for, a benefit is how a product can help you and be as useful as possible.

  • Tori King
    Tori King Member [Custom Team] Posts: 5

    The main difference between features and benefits is what they represent for and how the viewer becomes drawn to them. Features are a product or service's distinctive characteristics or traits. Benefits is the advantages or values that a customer receives from the product or service.

  • Devin Teal
    Devin Teal Member [Custom Team] Posts: 9

    Features are what the product offers and comes with, while benefits are the useful ways it can be used.

  • Landon Ellis
    Landon Ellis Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    The main difference between benefits and features is how they relate to prospective customers. A feature is a component of the product/service that could lead the customer to a benefit, while a benefit is something that your product/service will deliver for them. They coincide with each other but are different.

  • Julie Brence
    Julie Brence Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    Benefits are what gives back to the customer in regards to having the product or service. A feature is just a quality of sorts that the product or service has.