How do I find the pain points and needs of a target customer?

Josh Auger
Josh Auger Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

Knowing customer's challenges with a product or service can usually help redirect them toward positives. Any suggestions on handling these steps?


  • Landon Ellis
    Landon Ellis Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    Hey Josh! I believe a great way to figure out certain pain points of potential customers is by doing market research. Many potential customers inside of your target market most likely have very similar if not identical pain points.

  • John Kaplan
    John Kaplan Member [Pro], Member [Plus] Posts: 22

    Josh, I agree with Landon in that many of your customers inside your target market will have similar pain points. This means that your company should have these potential pain points identified and documented. "What are the typical pain points and needs of a target customer?" is a great question for you to ask internally (your manager, sales development and training, technical resources, marketing etc). Your company will most definitely have these answers. The next step is how to get your customer to tell you about these pain points and what they mean to them. This step is called Discovery. You should take the time to prepare great discovery questions that will help guide your customer along a path. Just because they have pain does not necessarily mean they are willing to share it with you. You should think about a simple framework that flows for you and the customer. The flow can be as simple as, "How are things working for you now?"; "How would you like them to be?"; "What's required to get you there?" Discovery is an ELITE skill. There are some great resources on Ascender for Discovery. Use the search feature and type in Discovery. You won't regret it.