How would you recommend to continue a conversation if the potential client doesn't seem interested?

Hunter Edson
Hunter Edson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11


  • Timmy Cotton
    Timmy Cotton Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    If a potential client doesn't seem interested, try to engage them by asking open-ended questions and addressing their concerns, while maintaining a positive and respectful tone. If they remain uninterested despite your efforts, offer a follow-up and respect their decision if they decline.

  • Elijah Friend
    Elijah Friend Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

    Honestly I believe if a potential client begins to become uninterested it might be in your best option to end the conversation. Not every prospect is going to turn out for the best and the right move might be spending your following up with a different prospect.

  • Avery Brockwell
    Avery Brockwell Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    If a potential client does not seem interested instead of trying to resolve or overcome the sales objection I would focus mainly on keeping the conversation going. I would try to continue the conversation by redirecting and asking additional questions,

  • Emily Erickson
    Emily Erickson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    If the client seems to not have an interest in what you are selling, it might be wise to ask about the things that they are interested in. There might be a potential that there is something within your company that could still help the customer, even if it is not what you are selling.

  • Will Kasemeyer
    Will Kasemeyer Member [Custom Team] Posts: 7

    If you are struggling to continue conversation with a potential client, refer back to your pre-call planning. Think about the context of the outreach, the value you are providing, different questions you can ask, and responses for possible objections. By utilizing these four categories, there will definitely be a talking point to ask that will get the client interested and talking again

  • Katelyn Pierson
    Katelyn Pierson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 5

    If I were to be struggling to keep the client interested, I would simply continue to talk about the product or service and the strong quantities it holds. I can only do so much, so talking about what I need to talk about and giving the client as much information as possible is the most I can do.

  • Devin Teal
    Devin Teal Member [Custom Team] Posts: 9

    If a client does not seem interested, I would just give them a little time and circle around later. When I do circle around, I would start off general and ask them how things are going. You don't want to be annoying in a way, because they would not want to communicate with you. If they are engaging in a conversation, then you can proceed to see how you can help. You also don't want to waste your time, as that would not be beneficial to you.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    I would say give that client some space to come around again at a later period. Try to establish some sort of common ground, if none can be established then continue on with the said product/service that they were looking at.

  • Erik Lund
    Erik Lund Member [Plus] Posts: 3

    This is out of the normal but you can say something like: "…Bob, I understand that you are not interested, maybe our solution isn't for you…" something to that effect. It's an old sandler sales technique. See what they respond with. I've found that they will say something like "why do you think I am not interested, I am interested (but), or I have some concerns with X…". Now you have got them talking.