What are some common objections or concerns that prospects raise, and how do you address them?

Jorge Zepeda
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  • Ralston McCracken
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    Objections from prospects can arise for a variety of reasons, therefore it is key to understand from the prospect the origin/reason for the objection, which can be done by asking Open-ended questions. An objection can result from a lack of understanding on the part of the prospect and once we have established that, we can correct the misunderstanding by improving the prospect's knowledge of our solution. An objection may have been planted by a competitor and we would want to know that, so that we can differentiate our proposal to overcome the objection. If the objection is that our price is too high, that might suggest that the prospect does not understand/appreciate the incremental value that can be achieved by implementing our offering versus one from a competitor - hence we must address that deficiency, so that the prospect understands the value differential.

    It is important to acknowledge all objections with the prospect, to show that you have heard them. Then probe into the reason for the objection and establish how it ranks in the prospect's Decision Criteria i.e. how important is it, could it stop the deal or is it just some "noise"? Ignore objections at your peril - if not handled, they can come back to bite you later!