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Cole zacharias
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If I were working in sales, what kind of questions do you ask your customers to find out what they need?


  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 253

    Hey Cole! Thanks for asking this question. It's a great one for folks like you that are considering a sales career to think about.

    I would enroll in this course to check out some more insight around discovery calls, which is where you can establish some of the business needs.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    I would say the best way is to let them do most of the talking and listen. See what they need, and then you work your way in after that.

  • Devin Teal
    Devin Teal Member [Custom Team] Posts: 9

    Hey Cole,

    This is a great question to ask. If you were to ask me, I would say try to get to know them and figure out what their end goal is. From there you can figure out how you can best assist them. Maybe ask them where they are sitting currently, and let them tell you any issues they are currently facing. Also, it would be helpful to ask them what their currently role is, and what they are trying to solve.

  • Josh Auger
    Josh Auger Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    Hey Cole,

    When developing questions for customers, I want to make sure they are open-ended. Allowing the customer to do more of the talking helps them build trust and gives your image a more positive look.

    What are you looking to achieve with this product/service?

    What challenges are you currently facing?

    Questions like these allow you to take the conversation into your own hands.

  • Avery Brockwell
    Avery Brockwell Member [Custom Team] Posts: 11

    When coming up with questions for customers I would make sure to ask them what they prioritize and what their ideal solution looks like.

  • Gavin Weitendorf
    Gavin Weitendorf Member [Custom Team] Posts: 10

    I would ask them what problem they need help with solving. What is it you would have in a perfect world? Can you describe what it is that your company does? Have you tried any other solutions to solve this problem, and if so, what did they do and why didn't it work?