Do you have any internal deal review documents or structures?

Ben Fleishman
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I want to run a Bi-weekly deal review session with my team, but it is tough to get people to participate, especially getting started.

My motivation for doing sessions like this is to give exposure to others on the team of different use cases we run into, especially so our more senior staff can offer insights. I'm trying to message it around building up skills for management and leadership opportunities.

For the meetings themselves, does anyone have any advice or structures or formulas anyone has used in the past that have gotten a lot of engagement?


  • Tim Caito
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    Ben, here's an approach we used successfully for years.

    1. Manager Intro (2-3 mins)... establish intent of the deal review (this is what the best sales org's do; non-judgmental assessment of strengths and gaps at this point in time, not a forecast review or performance review in disguise).

    2. Uninterupted Seller Overview of Situation & Biggest Challenge to Close Deal (10 mins)... high level overview, not reading Opportunity Qualifier or Deal Summary that can be sent in advance... Manager is assessing the way the seller frames the situation, their view of the hurdles they are facing and if using MEDDPICC how effectively they have they qualified the deal (this is coaching gold by the way).

    3. Manager & Team Discuss Deal (30 mins)... first ask any clarifying questions... then depending on the complexity of the deal, look at it thru the lens of MEDDPICC and 3 landscapes - Business (business issues driving the customer's need - are we attaching our deal to the biggest problem?); Political (who has influence relative to the problem and the decision criteria/process for our deal - how are we aligned?) and Competitive (who or what are we competing against - how do they stack up against the decision criteria, what's their strategy to beat us, how do we intend to counter that?).

    4. Seller & Manager Review Key Take Aways and Actions (5 mins)... be sure these are summarized by the seller and then captured in writing (either in the Opportunity Record or an email)... these will be your starting point for a follow up conversation as the deal progresses... or your Win-Loss Review after the deal closes.

    A long answer, but doing these right is the best way to keep them effective and ongoing. We've all experienced bad deal reviews that always create a bad taste with the team, have minimal impact and are not sustainable! Including deal reviews in your normal operating rhythm is a well known best practice of the most elite sales teams

  • Joe Huber
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    @Tim Caito This is so good!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Joe Huber
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    @Ben Fleishman I wanted to also share this video from Brian Walsh. Let us know how it goes!

  • Joe Huber
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    To anyone checking out this post with access to the Ascender curriculum, here is a list of some relevant courses to check out:

  • Julie Brence
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    Hi Ben! Here are a couple of things that may help with the engagement and interaction problem with your deal reviews!

    1. Make the review to the point, review any and all problems, concerns, and even successes! Your team may want to hear good feedback too, even if the deal fell through or wasn't completely successful.
    2. Keeping an audience engaged is difficult, so providing time for feedback from your team could be helpful, but also a reinforcing agent could help too, such as incentives or small prizes of your choosing.