Optimal Tech Stack for SDRs Using Salesforce


What are the best tools and tech available for SDRs to improve output in terms of both quantity and quality? Looking at a holistic approach, what are the best ways to orchestrate the technology? I more interested in an orchestrated approach verses feedback on stand alone tools. @Joe Huber


  • Russell Scherwin
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    Hi Phil,

    Feel free to reach out. It's a conversation versus a simple response.

    Few thoughts:
    1) Build a GTM stack, not a martech, salestech, or SDR tech stack.
    2) I've bought zoominfo and outreach/salesloft to drive outbound.
    3) I also love Apollo, which can replace #2 above. But only for smaller environments that do not require enterprise capability.
    4) Integration with inbound is non-negotiable (eg - I must be able to set an SDR cadence for all mini-site form-fills)
    5) Integration with marketing technology is non-negotiable (eg - If I'm running Demandbase or Terminus for ABM, I need to initiate cadences when intent scores hit a threshold, and track to it)
    6) Gong, or similar tools are essential. Even more essential in environments with younger SDRs. Managed properly, it underlies a high-performing team growth culture.
    7) Integrate dialer technology into the SL/Outreach cadences. Instead of asking a newer generation of reps who aren't comfortable with the phone, drive it as part of the process.
    8) And of course, it must integrate into SFA or whatever tool is holds master data for sales and resell cycles, and the associated stages.

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  • Kate Hipps
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    Hi Phil,

    Russel outlines a great way to think about it above. I'd add that what we see many of our customers using is:

    • An Outreach or Salesloft as system of record and to drive outbound. (Outreach is very popular but as Russel says, depending on the situation, Apollo is also worth exploring).
    • Added to that: ZoomInfo or similar
    • Added to that: LinkedIn Sales Navigator (which may be table stakes)

  • David Chimenti
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    This is a complex question, but Phil I agree with Russell on a lot of this. Zoom info, SL, SFDC is a great start for anyone doing outreach, I believe.

    I do think it matters what industry and company size you’re hunting though to ensure you get the right tools for the job.