May 5, 2023 - Ascender Insights - Selling to the CPO (Chief People Officer) [Event Recap]

Joe Huber
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Dom Merritt and @John Boney came READY to share some really incredible tips on selling to the Chief People Officer.

Dom's insights into what he's looking for paired up with John's takeaways and tips on how you can capitalize will truly impact how you're selling. Share what you thought and what stood out in the comments.


  • Joe Huber
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    The biggest takeaways I heard from the audience:

    • Get creative in your outreach.
      • Dom shared a story about how someone sent him an adult coloring book that had pictures around Human Resources in it. It showed creativity and something really unique that stood out.
    • Highlight your knowledge of the industry, what trends you see coming, and how your product will help the CPO and their team navigate those trends.
      • But don't assume you know more than the person with whom you're speaking. Challenging their authority and grasp of the subject for which they're directly responsible will only hurt you in the end
    • Clarify your next steps instead of just dropping people into a flow.
      • This one has been coming up in lots of the conversations with execs. Ask at the end of each call if it's ok to reach out on a specific date. Set deadlines for when you'll reach out if they don't reply or respond. Making things really clear is so important.

    I'd love to hear what you caught and are planning to use in your conversations, too!

  • Nisha Krywonis
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    This was great, Joe. Thanks for organizing!
    I loved that Dom acknowledged that Sales Teams tend to send out bulk emails using templates, but reminded us that he is far more likely to open if they are customized to him. I found his tips for customizing emails to the C-Suite very interesting: let them know if you went to the same school; did you see them at an event; do you know their interests; do they like coloring books 😅
    Great session!

  • Joe Huber
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    @Nisha Krywonis Thank you for sharing, Nisha! The coloring book story was so amazing!