April 7, 2023 - Ascender Insights - Selling to the CMO [Event Recap]

Joe Huber
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Jori Ford and @Antonella O'Day went all-in on getting you the most detailed, intimate information on what CMOs are thinking as you go through your sales process.

Find out what how Jori interprets things and what she wants to see from salespeople during their calls, how to get the CMOs attention, and some really creative tips for you to see what's working.

Share your takeaways in the comments and let us know what resonated most with you!


  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 253

    Here were the things that stuck out to me and some of the attendees (some even have timestamps! 😂):

    "FOMO is not something you will be able to generate in a one-time conversation."

    “You coaching your champion only demonstrates more to me that we’re entering into a partnership and that they have a partner with them.”

    “You don’t know if the person you’re talking with has signing power. You need to work with them.” (Around 10:17)

    Send your internal marketing team some of your emails to see if they would respond and test your subject lines on your internal marketing team. You can make a game out of it and see if they would open the email or not. (Around 10:29)

    Be specific about why your solution or integration works in the subject line.

    The whole thing about the email example is MONSTROUS.

    Your margins are so razor thin, finding a way to be human and kind will never lose you deals.

    Oh! And her explanation as to why it's only "yes-ish" to sending personalized emails!!!

    Personalized video emails are ok for a first or second bump email when you have some details and you know that time is limited.  Only use the tactic to engage folks that have an awareness of who you & your organization are.
    -Jori Ford, CMO at FoodBoss