We want your opinion: Q2 Workshop Topics

Joe Huber
Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 225

Hey Ascenders! We have some workshop topics we're looking into, but I wanted to bring it here to see what kinds of Live workshops you're all interested in for Q2.

Some past topics are things like generating pipeline and the plan to make the plan working sessions. We're looking at revamping your customer-facing QBRs on Friday, March 17th at 11 am Eastern.

What are some pressing topics for you all? What is something that if we offered a working session on it, you'd need to make sure you caught the replay? We're committed to delivering high value access and information, so let us know what you're most interested in seeing next!


  • Jeffrey Stevens
    Jeffrey Stevens Member [Pro] Posts: 3

    I would love to hear a session with a deeper dive into the Value-Based Conversation. It is an incredible way to conduct discovery, and a refresher and tips would be very useful.

    I also find my reps getting stuck in single-threaded deals. What are a few tactics they could employ so that being multithreaded becomes a regular practice.

    Finally, I would LOVE some additional workshops on building, testing, and developing champions. I feel like in tough economic times, this topic becomes even more important.

  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 225

    @Jeffrey Stevens Thank you so much! We're also going to be working on some team-specific workshops (coming in May), so these topics are amazing to bring in.

  • Joe Huber
    Joe Huber Member [Pro], Administrator Posts: 225

    @Jeffrey Stevens Just a heads up that we've used some of these topics already, but we're also hosting an Ascender Live around value-based conversations this Friday!