How to know when to make something an opportunity?

Luke Page
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Hi all - asking this question as it's been a topic of debate at the company I am currently at. We're a small company and still trying to define a lot of these things.

I know as reps, we should always trying to be qualify out an opportunity, but what are the essential qualifications to make something an opp?

Any advice would be appreciated!


  • Luke great question, my teammate Brian Walsh just posted a quick video on Ascender aligning to the buyer. Is there a pain or an outcome the prospect is trying to solve or achieve that is relevant to your company's solution. If the answer is NO than there presently is NO opportunity. But if the answer is YES or POSSIBLY further Discovery is needed to determine the level of urgency or importance that pain or outcome would have in their environment.

  • Antonella O'Day
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    Hi Luke,

    There are several key qualifications that I validate that can help identify a prospect as a valid opportunity:

    1. Need: Does the prospect have a need that my product or service can solve? If there is no need, then there is no deal.
    2. Budget: Does the prospect have the budget or access to funds to purchase my product or service?
    3. Timeline: Does the prospect have a specific timeframe in mind for making a purchase? Knowing the timeline will help me prioritize my sales efforts and ensure that I am not spending too much time on prospects who are not ready to buy.
    4. Goals and Outcomes: For me, it’s important to ensure that the prospect is a good fit for my product or service. Uncovering their goals and outcomes and determining if they align with my offerings is essential.