Metrics and Decision Criteria


This is a little embarrassing; and I promise I've done my homework; but I still get confused between Metrics and Decision Criteria...

I'm trying to simplify it my way of seeing it is:

Metrics are what we offer/propose to solve the Pain

Decision Criteria is how they define whether it solves the Pain or not

So in essence, the best Metrics have credibility, proof points, clarity etc... to make their Decision Criteria easier to meet.

But I'm still not sure. And there seems to be lots of blurred lines, grey areas and different interpretations.

Can anyone offer a better way?


  • Antonella O'Day
    Antonella O'Day Member [Plus] Posts: 5

    I hear you! Some of the components of MEDDPICC can be confusing. Hopefully this helps. Metrics tackles 2 items : 1) how the customer is going to measure the success of a solution and 2)what is your proof on delivering in those measurements for others. So what is your customer trying to achieving and aligning where you have done it before. Decision Criteria is a formal list of what is needed to achieve those metrics.

  • Rachel Clapp Miller
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    @Robert Smart This is a common question - thank you for asking it here! I'm going to work on some additional content on this topic to post in the Explore tab.