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George Haywood
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I have just finished the Decision Process module in the MEDDIC Essentials course.

An area that I really liked and will work on is asking discovery questions early in the sales cycles to identify the "backward timeline"

From here, you can identify if the customer even has a solid decision process.

Could anybody share some examples of some killer discovery questions they have used at this stage of the sales cycle, please?

Really keen to bring some of them into my deals!

Thanks in advance 😁


  • Al Fucaloro
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    Hey George!

    You could ask them about the last time they purchased software and the steps & people involved.

  • Adam Hendricks
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    Great question here. I listed a few discovery questions below, hope these are helpful. General best practice I have found in this area is to start with broad, simple, open discovery questions and then probe deeper based on what you hear.

    1. Walk me through when you are hoping to implement 'X' product/solution?
    2. Tell me about what needs to happen between now and then?
    3. Help me understand who else would have a point of view on this?
    4. Based on your previous expereince purchasing & implementing products/solutions within 'ABC Company', what obstacles do you anticipate between where we are today and a successful implimentation?

    Best of luck!